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‘Views’ is a number that counts how many times your video on Instagram has been played. Along with all other Instagram services, IG TV views stands the most efficient. A view count means that your video played by a viewer for at least 3 seconds. Buy IG TV views are important because of the higher number of views on video place it on IG searches. The higher the view count, the higher are the chances to get more real followers. Moreover, people tend to imitate others. A video with a higher number of views will get more organic views.

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Many Instagrammers buy IG TV views because it is hard for newcomers to get views on videos. With no views or little views on IG TV videos, Instagram will not promote it to a new audience. Thus, your video will work poorly.

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Having many views on IG TV video attract more viewers and it increases view count. Buy IG TV views place your video on IG searches and the new audience notices it. Thus, you get more Instagram followers.